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Rubber Gloves

The outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a strong toll on the physical and mental health of many people. It has also had an avalanche effect on the economic situation of  the photographic community - especially by freelance and independent photographers.​

The IPF Emergency Fund is an imperative arrangement aimed at providing one-time support to Indian photographers facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19. There are no restrictions on what the funding can cover and can be used for any kind of emergency relief. You can request up to INR 25,000 in support; before applying please self-evaluate whether you are experiencing dire financial emergencies during this time to make space for those most urgently in need.

Fine Print

The IPF Emergency Fund is open to Indian photographers over 18 years of age. You must be living and working in India.
You do not have an income currently and do not have access to any financial support or resources.
You must provide proof for your photographic work during the past one year.
You should demonstrate a pressing and critical need for emergency support and must be willing to share the last year's bank statement and PAN number if your application should get selected.
Providing false or misleading information during the application cycle will disqualify your request. 

Last Date - there is no last date for the application as the fund will be available round the year based on the availability of the fund. 

The IPF Emergency Fund is supported by the friends of the Indian Photo Festival. If you are interested in supporting the fund, you can make an individual contribution here. If you’re a corporation or non-profit and would like to support the fund, please reach out to

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