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This is an Agreement between the Applicant and Light Craft Foundation. By submitting an image applicants agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The 'Indian Photo Festival' Portrait Prize is open to any, 18 years of age or older, from the Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives).  

  • The entry should be appropriate with the category of portrait; you can also submit group portraits and self-portraits.

  • Digital files must be no longer than 2000 Pixels in either height or width and saved as Jpeg (.jpg), in RGB format and not exceed 4 MB per file, at 150dpi.

  • No identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the entry.

  • Only Three entries per applicant is allowed and the last date for submission is  Oct 29 2023.

  • An entry fee of INR 499 applies for each image.

  • The copyrights of the images remains with the photographer. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used for publicity and promotional purposes in any media related to the competition, at no charge; the photographer will be credited for the use of their work.

  • The entrant must be the sole author of the photograph and the photograph must be an original work and the entrant is responsible for taking all steps necessary to protect the rights of persons depicted, including but not limited to obtaining their permission. Also the entrant should be responsible for any legal issues related to the entries submitted and agree to pay any costs occurred due to the same.

  • The results will be announced during the opening of the Indian Photo Festival - HYDERABAD on Nov 23 2023 @ 6:00 PM. 

  • The finalists and the winners will be exhibited during the Indian Photo Festival - HYDERABAD from 23 Nov 2023 - 07 Jan 2024 and may tour different cities in India and overseas and by submitting an entry, you are agreeing to have prints of your photographs shown in these exhibitions at no charge.

  • Winners are responsible for the payment of any taxes or fees levied on the prizes. 

  • Light Craft Foundation reserves the right to suspend or postpone or amend the competition.

  • Light Craft Foundation reserves the right to exclude entries and withhold selection for violating any of its terms and conditions

  • Please email us to in case of any queries.

  • Refund Policy - The entry fee for the Award is not refundable.

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