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3 Day Fashion & Portrait Photography Masterclass

with Manoj Jadhav

Manoj Jadhav Fashion Indian Photo Festival Hyderabad Portrait Photography.jpg

The ATMAN India Foundation in association with the Indian Photo Festival presents a 3 day intensive Fashion & Portrait  Masterclass by Manoj Jadhav, from 9th - 11th Dec 2022.

Change the way you See, Think & Create.

An Image is the most powerful tool of communication. Whether an amateur photographer, a professional or an enthusiast we share one important fact, we are all interested in sharing our vision and stories using images. The world today is far more visual than ever before. Pictures have connected us, united us, and educated us. Images empower us with knowledge and information that is far more stronger than any words could express.

What makes us so unique to see this world so differently from one another ?  

Why do some images connect with us more than the others ? 

How emotions change the visuals and its dialog with a viewer ?  

Does technique matter ?

How to create visual stories that are meaningful ?

These and many such important questions come to your mind when you want to create a body of work you want to create is soulfully yours from the within.

Experience the Master

This, one of a kind Masterclass Workshop provides the rare opportunity for curious minds to come together and learn and work along with  the well recognized and visionary photographer, Manoj Jadhav to explore the creative process of his thinking, seeing and creating photographic work that is so unique in story telling.

This unique 3 day Portrait & Fashion workshop is specially created for Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad.

  • The workshop begins with the Artists presentation on “Changing character of Portraits & Portraiture” with a focus on understanding the core principles of Portraiture and its ever changing styles and trends through the history.

  • Techniques, Storytelling, Understanding Emotions, Visual Communication and the Power of Body Language.

  • You will also learn his unique, minimalist way of lighting portraits.

  • Understand why “Less is More” and how it impacts in creating strong and powerful visuals.

  • The Artist will take you through his creative image editing workflow and secrets behind image grading and his signature looks.

  • Get a first hand and a rare insight in to this opportunity so you can advance your personal style and build visually driven projects.

  • This workshop will include lectures, presentations, demonstrations and hands-on creative assignments and group discussions.

  • This 3-day Masterclass workshop is designed to serve anyone who considers photography as a part of their life and wishes to take their work to a next level.

Its truly a one of kind experience, don’t miss out ! Limited seats, so hurry and register now.


  • Goals of the Photographer 

  • Inspiration, Ideas & Reality

  • The Subject, The story and execution of your thoughts.

  • Thinking Process, Creating Visual Stories

  • Engaging with Your Subject

  • Body language and Emotions, how it affects your visuals.

  • Camera, Lens & Equipment selection

  • Understanding Lights & The Lighting

  • Indoor versus Outdoor

  • Make Up & Styling

  • Digital Workflow, Raw files and its hidden power

  • Image editing , Color Correction, Creating Presets for your style

  • Mobile Photography, Apps, Image editing and grading on the go

  • Social Media, its engagement & importance for for your personal and business growth.


  • The Ever Changing Character of Portraits & Portraiture - Presentation & Discussion

  • The Inspiration & The Creation - Presentation & Discussion

  • Artist’s Signature Style,  Stories of Her - Studio Portrait session 

  • Conceptual Beauty in Fashion  -  Studio Portrait session

  • Glitches  - A Futuristic Fashion Story -  Fashion Shoot - Indoor session

  • The Royal Indian Bride - Vintage Indian Fashion  -  Indoor session

  • Cyanotype Print Making - Recreating the Vintage


  • Lectures, Presentations & Demonstrations by the Artist

  • Studio lights & Set up as required for each photo session

  • Models, as required for each photo session

  • Make Up, Clothes & Styling, as required for each photo session

  • Q & A with the Artist


  • Your choice of digital DSLR, Mirrorless camera with a lens - for shooting Portraits  ( Zoom or a Block lenses - 35mm equivalent of - 50 to 85 mm )

  • Laptop with an image editing software, Artist will be working using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

  • Camera accessories and storage devices as you may need

  • Your personal belongings what you may need during a 3 day workshop session.


  • We do not allow any video or phone recordings, or live sessions of this workshop. 

  • This workshop does not indulge in, subscribe to or create any kind of nude or adult content that might offend, disrespect the subject, models or any one who is being  photographed in the course of this learning.

  • All images created during the workshop are subject to the consent of the artist, models and its subjects.

  • Participants must comply with these terms and conditions to be a part of it and sign a model release.

  • All the communication, lectures & discussions at the workshop will be in English.

  • You may communicate with the artist in Hindi if and when needed.



FRIDAY , 9th  December   

9 am - 12 pm  - Presentation & Discussion

  • Session 1  -   The Ever Changing Character of Portraits & Portraiture  

  • Session 2  -   The Inspiration & The Creation - The Art of Storytelling


1 pm - 6 pm

  • Session 1 - Stories of Her -  Signature Portraits by the Artist

  • Session 2 - Portrait shoot

  • Session 3  -  Image editing techniques

SATURDAY, 10th  December  

9 am - 12 pm

  • Session 1 - Conceptual Beauty in Fashion 

  • Session 2-  Portrait shoot


1 pm - 6 pm 

Session 1  -   The Royal Indian Bride - Vintage Indian Fashion Shoot
Session 2  -   Morning + Afternoon session Image editing

SUNDAY, 11th  December   

9 am - 12 pm

  • Session 1 - Glitches  -  A Futuristic Fashion Story -  Fashion Shoot

  • Session 2 - Image editing techniques

1 pm - 6 pm 

  • Afternoon Session  -  Cyanotype Print Making - Recreating the Vintage.

  • Final review & The Way Forward.


  • Early Bird - INR 20,000 valid till September 15th  

  • Regular - INR 25,000

Images © Manoj Jadhav.

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Manoj Jadhav Fashion Indian Photo Festival Hyderabad Portrait Photography2222.jpg
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